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Restaurants & Hotel Cleaning

Restaurants & Hotel Cleaning

Restaurants and hotels require specific cleaning needs. Due to the volume of people, they usually require regular cleaning programs. Sometimes that involves daily cleaning. Other times, it involves bi-weekly or monthly deep-cleaning.

At Klean-Rite, we structure our cleaning program to fit your specific industry needs. From kitchen exhaust and hood cleaning to matt and linen rentals and cleaning, we have a full and capable staff ready to keep your business safe and clean.

Some of our most popular restaurant and hotel cleaning services are listed below. For a full list of our services, call our office and speak to one of our experienced team members.

Restaurants & Hotel Cleaning Services - Klean-Rite, Grande Prairie

Kitchen Exhaust & Hood Cleaning

Dirty kitchen exhausts and hoods aren’t just a health risk. Kitchen exhausts and hoods that are left unclean accumulate grease and pose a serious fire risk.

Eliminate these health and fire concerns. Our team of certified and professional cleaners expertly clean and sterilize kitchen exhausts and hoods so your staff can spend their time working.

With our maintenance program, we’ll also take care of this specialized cleaning service as part of a recurring rotation. Our team of pros will regularly clean your kitchen exhaust and hood as they’re due for their next cleaning, leaving you worry-free.

Klean-Rite is certified and registered with the city of Grande Prairie. Every time you call us for your restaurant cleaning needs, you’re guaranteed to receive an expert cleaner at the job site.

For more details on this service, give us a call today.

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Mat & Linen Rental & Cleaning

From weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly delivery and pickup of both linens and mats, Klean-Rite offers a number of options for your mat and linen rental needs. This includes bar wipes, aprons, grease rags, microfibre cloths, mops and mats. It also includes regular cleaning of other company linen and material, including tablecloths, as needed.

We offer high-quality mats for rent. These mats are customizable with your logo or can be tailored to match your restaurant or hotel’s decor. All of our mat and linen rentals are contract-free, so you’re always able to suspend your service for any reason.

More information on mat and linen rentals is available by calling our professional team at 780-532-1500.

Mat & Linen Rental & Cleaning - Klean-Rite Grande Prairie

Furnace, Duct, & Vent Cleaning

Dirty furnaces cost you money. Build up inside your furnace cause it to run ineffectively, skyrocketing your energy bill. Dirty furnaces – as well as unclean ducts and vents – also pose a health risk, circulating allergens, irritants, and odours throughout your business.

To prevent build up of dirt, grease, dust mites, and allergens, your furnace should be professionally cleaned and maintained every 2 years. This results in optimal performance and low heating costs. Our capable staff can complete full duct and vent cleaning at the same time.

Like all vents, commercial vents should also be cleaned and maintained regularly to prevent hazardous build-up. This maintenance service, when completed by a certified professional, reduces fire & health risks.

Professional, certified Klean-Rite staff members always work around your business and it’s needs, ensuring you get a skilled furnace, duct, and vent cleaning when you need it.

Call us today to set up your cleaning.

Commercial Furnace Cleaning - Klean-Rite, Grande Prairie

Janitorial, Floor Stripping & Waxing

A clean restaurant or hotel runs smoothly. Full, personalized janitorial services are available for restaurants and hotels to guarantee all your cleaning needs are met. This includes regular daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleaning, depending on your specific business needs.

As part of our janitorial services for restaurants and hotels, we also offer recurring or one-time floor stripping and waxing to keep floors looking new and beautiful.

For more information on our janitorial and floor stripping and waxing services for hotels and restaurants, give our office a call now.

Carpet Cleaning

Both restaurants and hotels see up to hundreds of people each and every day. With a high volume of traffic, it’s important to hire professional, capable cleaners to eliminate odours and stains.

We expertly clean and deodorize carpets to look like new, regardless of how much daily traffic they see. Our full carpet cleaning and stain removal service perfectly fit both hotels and restaurants, as we can remove wine, coffee, juice, and other stains with ease.

Our team works to benefit your schedule. Regular, scheduled visits are also an option so you don’t ever have to worry about your carpets.

To chat with one of our certified carpet cleaners about your needs, call us now.

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Exposed Duct Cleaning

Dirty ducts and vents pose a serious health risk. When ducts are left unclean, they build up allergens, irritants, and odours and circulate them throughout your business. As a restaurant or hotel, this is the last thing you want.

In the restaurant industry, ducts with accumulated dirt can lead to food contamination as they help circulate bad bacteria. They’re also a fire hazard, as grease can easily build up in vents and ducts.

Hotels with unclean ducts risk similar hazards. Given the volume of people hotels see each day, it’s vital to keep all areas – especially ducts, which connect to the entire building – clean.

Our professional, certified team will perform the exposed duct cleaning as a one-time service or as part of a regular maintenance program. We’ll work around your needs and choose times and days that work for your business.

Call us today to set up your commercial duct cleaning.