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Construction Services

Construction Services

As certified restoration professionals, we quickly handle projects involving rebuilds. Our courteous team aims for an efficient rebuild to get you back in your home or business as soon as possible.

As DKI partners, we’re accredited to handle the toughest and most severe restoration jobs. From structural damage and mould remediation to asbestos removal, Klean-Rite has the capability to carry out your rebuild project as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Looking for something we haven’t mentioned? Our full abilities go far beyond what’s listed below. To learn more about a specific cleaning, rebuild, or restoration project, call us today at 780-532-1500.

Construction & Repair

When disaster strikes your home or business, let Klean-Rite guide you towards full recovery. Our team of restoration professionals get started on the construction and repair process as soon as possible.

Using our years of expertise, we rebuild homes and businesses that have been damaged by extreme weather events and other disasters. From cars driving through buildings or other pieces of property to structural damage, our qualified technicians offer full construction and repair services.

We begin with an initial damage assessment. Throughout the construction process, we ensure your building—be it residential or commercial—is completed with the utmost care and respect. Our techs manage your entire project, ensuring the materials match and restoring the building to its pre-loss condition.

Klean-Rite employs Red Seal carpenters on staff for these specific projects. We have a number of certified tradesmen, including painters, drywallers, electricians, and more, to support your construction and repair needs.

Learn more about our restoration and repair services by contacting our Grande Prairie team today or calling 780-532-1500.

Reconstruction & Biohazard Services - Klean-Rite, Grande Prairie


Mould Remediation

Ignoring mould is a serious health risk. Mould can cause inflammation to airways, nasal congestion, throat irritation, and other adverse side effects. Prolonged exposure can even cause asthma, making it vital to remove mould promptly, properly and permanently.

Our team is experienced in professional mould remediation and removal. This includes identifying the source of mould, treating the infected area, and preventing mould from recurring.

Capable teams also mean expert results. Before we finish any mould remediation project, our specialized team ensures the proper air quality to protect you, your home, your family, and your business.

Mould Remediation - Klean-Rite, Grande Prairie

Asbestos Removal

Asbestos was a common building material prior to 1990. It has been linked to detrimental health conditions – including the scarring of the lungs and lung cancer.

Asbestos is most dangerous when it’s in the air. As the fibres become airborne, they are more likely to be inhaled by you, your family, or your pets. The long-term exposure and inhalation of these fibres can lead to asbestosis, lung cancer, and mesothelioma.

Builders today won’t use asbestos, but it may still be present in older homes, especially those built prior to 1990. Asbestos is most dangerous once disturbed, meaning the removal of asbestos should only be done by capable, experienced professionals to reduce increased risk.

If you suspect your home or business may have asbestos, please contact our team today.

Asbestos Removal - Klean-Rite, Grande Prairie