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Miscellaneous Cleaning

Miscellaneous Cleaning

After 50 years of professional cleaning, we’ve seen – and cleaned! – nearly everything. Klean-Rite has the experience and skillset to clean all the odds and ends in your home. From delicately handling sentimental items like stuffed animals to deeply cleaning and detailing cars, trucks, recreational vehicles, and semis, Klean-Rite is a one-stop clean shop.

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Miscellaneous Cleaning Services - Klean-Rite, Grande Prairie

Auto Detailing

Nothing beats a new car smell, except a newly cleaned car smell. For all your car, truck, van, and SUV detailing and cleaning needs, Klean-Rite has a solution for you.

We handle all detailing jobs from large to small. Our team can deeply clean a well-taken care of vehicle. They can also throw a bit of extra love on a vehicle that may have seen cleaner days. Since we know how hard it is to be without your vehicle, we also offer quick turnarounds so you can get back to your daily life.

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Auto Detailing - Miscellaneous Cleaning Services - Klean-Rite, Grande Prairie

Biohazard & Trauma Cleaning

After trauma occurs, it’s hard to know what to do. One of the many complications of dealing with trauma is figuring out how to deal with the physical mess left behind. Sometimes it feels too overwhelming to manage. Other times, clients just want it done as quickly as possible.

Trauma cleaning is one of our specialties. We’re certified trauma cleaners – meaning we’ve seen it all and we’re delicately trained to take this process off of your hands. Our experienced, compassionate cleaners will complete the job quickly, professionally, and discreetly.

As certified trauma cleaners, we also safely dispose of any potentially hazardous materials. We’ll fully disinfect the area and ensure your home is free of any potential health hazards. Our team always follows full protocols and precautions, guaranteeing your home is safe and clean.

Trauma cleaning includes professional care for:

  • Biohazard Waste Cleaning
  • Industrial Accidents
  • Blood Spills
  • Suicide or Homicide
  • Unattended Death
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RV Detailing & Semi Truck Detailing

Bigger vehicles require deeper cleans. With a certified team, we handle larger vehicle detailing, including semi-truck and recreational vehicle (RV) cleanings. This includes cleaning for fall storage or cleaning before that first camping trip in spring.

For more information on our full RV and semi-truck detailing and cleaning services, give our office a call at 780-532-1500.

Stuffed Animals

Your child’s favourite companion might be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. That’s not to mention the amount of dirt and grime it’s likely been carted through. Of course, you also can’t forget the likely stained and stinky fur.

Give those stuffed animals a second life with our delicate stuffed animal cleaning service. From removing germs and bacteria to getting rid of stains and odours, we handle stuffed animals as carefully as all our services.

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Mice & Rodent Contamination

Mice are never nice guests. Neither are any other rodents. Leaving behind trails of contaminated droppings, mice and other rodents require specific cleaning protocols.

Professional cleaners like our certified staff are trained to deal with rodent contamination both quickly and safely. Our technicians make sure your home is clean and disinfected, so you and your family don’t have to worry about sickness or disease.

For more information on mouse and rodent contamination cleaning, call us today.

Specialty Cleaning

Sometimes, you need something particular cleaned. From large and extreme cleanup projects to the smallest, most detailed cleaning jobs, we have a certified staff to get the job done.

Extreme clean ups – sometimes called hoarder and collector cleanings – involves a job with a large number of items. Often, these cleanups can involve removing contaminated waste and bio-hazardous materials. For these jobs, we use the proper protocols to safely and compassionately remove the materials, salvaging what we can, when we can.

Smaller cleaning jobs can include any smaller item or room that needs a complete – sometimes sterilizing – clean.

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Specialty Cleaning - Miscellaneous Cleaning Services - Klean-Rite, Grande Prairie