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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I call a water-damage professional after a flood? Should I wait?

Never wait. Calling a professional immediately dramatically affects how successful the clean-up process will be. The longer your property and belongings are exposed to water, the more complicated issues that can be caused. 

When you call Klean-Rite, we assess the situation immediately and begin taking considerable steps towards reclamation. We can also begin the insurance claim process if it’s applicable. 

Can Klean-Rite work with my insurance company for restoration services?

Yes. Our staff has years of experience working with insurance companies on behalf of our clients. We act as a liaison between your project and the company. We’ve worked with several major insurance companies over the past 50 years – perhaps even your own. 

Can a flood create mould?

Yes. A flood of any size creates an environment that can lead to mould issues later. Calling a water-damage professional like Klean-Rite to immediately assess the damage is always your best step to reducing this risk.

How long does a water-damage cleanup take? Will I be able to stay in my home?

The time always varies. It depends heavily on what material is affected, the amount of saturation, and the extent of the damage. 

Whether or not you can stay in your home during the clean up also varies. Again, the type and extent of the water damage determine if you should find another living space. We always do our best to avoid displacing you, if at all possible.

What we can guarantee is that our technicians do their best to work as fast and efficiently as possible. Using state-of-the-art drying machines to expedite the process when possible helps speed this process along, especially when paired with industry-leading expertise. 

Are your technicians certified?

Yes. Technicians on our team are certified in water-damage clean up and several other certifications through the IICRC, including fire and smoke restoration, mould remediation, asbestos remediation, odour control, drying specialists, trauma cleanup, and much more. 

Which areas do you service?

Klean-Rite services Grande Prairie and its surrounding areas. This includes Peace River, Fort St. John, Dawson Creek, High Level, Grande Cache, and remote south-of-town areas. Call us for our full service area. 

I’ve called Klean-Rite for flood damage cleanup. Is there anything I can do in the meantime to prevent water damage to my home, business, or belongings?

After calling a professional, there are a few things you can do to minimize water damage:

  • Mop up excess water (as much as you can).
  • Remove all items off wood furniture. Wipe up water, if possible.
  • Prop up wet upholstery and fabric items for easier drying and to reduce mould and mildew growth.
  • Place aluminum foil or wooden blocks between furniture legs and flooring.
  • Open all drawers and cabinets. It will speed up the drying process. 
  • Move artwork and other valuables to a safe place.
  • Open up suitcases and luggage. 
  • Remove coloured print items from floors and carpets.

When dealing with water damage, under no circumstances should you: 

  • Use a household vacuum to remove excess water. 
  • Use electrical appliances while standing on wet floors (especially concrete). 
  • Enter rooms with sagging roofs. 
  • Store wet contents on dry content. 

Question that’s not answered here?

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