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Covid-19 Update from Klean-Rite

Essential services – large or small – we’re here to support you.

With the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to reassure our clients – both existing and new – we’ve adapted to the changes implemented by the government and their protocols and remain operational for essential services.

We believe in doing our part to help slow down the spread of COVID-19. This means Klean-Rite DKI is here to help by staying open and working safely within provincial and federal health and safety guidelines.

Klean-Rite DKI staff take extra measures to ensure safe practices. Even before this crisis, our crews were well-trained and equipped in proper containment techniques. We continue to put them to work, reiterating the importance of implementing correct containment procedures and donning approved PPE.

We understand that peace of mind is especially vital in moments like these. If your business requires additional sanitizing and cleaning to ensure the health and safety of your clients and employees, we have procedures that go above and beyond “regular” cleaning. Our powerful hospital-grade disinfectants and cleaning techniques are safe – they act fast. The disinfectants we use are approved by Health Canada & EPA and kill contaminants within seconds.


Most areas require a pre-clean to properly apply disinfectant as approved disinfectants require a visually clean surface to work at their full potential. We offer proactive cleaning to help you maintain your business. This proactive service includes cleaning and disinfecting hard surfaces and other tough-to-clean spots.

If you have had an employee that tested positive for COVID-19, we can provide a deep clean and sanitization of the entire space. This includes fogging, which is completed with methods that are safe for electronics and other technical equipment.

Klean-Rite DKI is an emergency response company. We are well-equipped to handle immediate and urgent services. Our response time is quick, and our work is thorough. We are ready and prepared to respond immediately. If local, a team will be on location within an hour of the initial phone call.

If you have any questions about the products we are using and procedures we are following, please call 780.532.1500 – 24 Hour Services.